About Us

We offer free consultations, angel card readings and attunements/initiations that will help you heal from within and connect you to your own higher path & spiritual guides.

The logo “The Owl Awakening-Star of Hope”

Represents finding the inner vision to seek knowledge, insight and intuition. The star of hope signifies aiming higher and brighter, while leaving the old stagnant behind in order to grab onto the light that shines within. When life presents itself as a mystery box and the future as an uncharted territory, the owl, with its wings widespread, carrying the star of hope tells you to unlock that mystery of life, with love, wisdom and gratitude. Appreciate all that life can offer and use your foresight to be best version of yourself.

Our guided healer

The Owl Awakening a beguilingly beautiful venture started by our founders Rumani Singh & Taran Paul.

Our founder Rumani, who is our facilitator, is a spiritual seeker and Blue Ray/Indigo Star-seed. She’s a certified Life/Spiritual coach and healer, and has been blessed to work with light, Reiki energy, Ascension rays and Advanced Mahatma Ascension energy. 

Her mission is to teach meditation and Reiki (self) healing to atleast one billion people!

Taran, our other founder, who is also our strategical arm, has always made sure that our services reach the people who seek enlightenment in the best possible way. He, himself is a very deep rooted individual who believes that if one is connected to their inner being, nothing seems impossible.

Our Services

We offer life and spiritual coaching, Reiki healing and attunements (Reiki Level 1-20; Karuna; Lama-fera; Golden Reiki; Ascension Reiki; Emotional freedom technique) that will truly uplift your spiritual vibration and bring you closer to the higher self, Monad, “I AM THAT I AM”. 

We also offer free consultations, angel card readings and attunements/initiations that will help you heal your life troubles and connect you to own higher path & Spiritual guides.

Free guided meditations are also available for beginners who want to clear, align and bring energetic balance into their lives. It is especially for individuals who are moving towards personal ascension and spiritual enlightenment. 

Every service we offer here, free or charged, will help you to empower and transform your life and thereby uplift your spirit.

Let your journey begin!

Facts about our Guided healer

When you join us, trust that you are in good hands! Rumani, with honors degree in Neurobiology and Conventional training in Psychiatry and Public Health, is quite deep rooted in human behaviour and psychiatry. Currently working in Harvard School of Public Health, exploring the mysteries of brain, she’s all for forever evolving and helping everyone with utmost precision and immense love.
Reiki has given her platform to harness the purest source of energy to heal herself and be of the best service to others. Her belief is that pharmaceuticals can temporarily cure or suppress the symptoms but not heal from within.

The most asked question is that how do you heal physical disease that manifests due to childhood trauma, abuse or negative thoughts and emotions and past life times.
The approach is now oriented to address the hidden root cause, be it emotional or spiritual, and help her clients with an array of holistic healing modalities to optimise their health, and overall well-being.

We believe that healing occurs through the integration of heart, mind, body and spirit altogether. It is only through healing ourselves, that we can most effectively contribute to healing the planet.