Reiki courses

Reiki (the universal life force energy) was re-introduced by Dr. Mikao Usui, in 19th century. Since then, this healing modality and meditation has been translated, and modified with many different healing modalities to meet personal and specific needs. Here, at Owl Awakening, we offer distance and 1-1 courses in Usui and Tibetan reiki as a way to introduce this spiritually guided life force energy with advanced meditations, higher frequency attunements, light language transmission and sacred symbols. You will learn to tap into this powerful healing energy to benefit at all levels.
In addition, we provide past life healing (Karuna Reiki), cellular and prana healing (Lama-fera & pranic healing), and healing frequency of money (Money reiki) courses in depth.
In all cases, always follow one’s own intuition to decide which healing modality is appropriate for you- but just in case we are here to help to get you started. These are real, genuine, and powerful healing and vibrational practices designed to help with physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing. These practices can help to bring us closer to happiness, joy, love, gratitude and compassion and can also help us to move closer towards states of inner peace and bliss.

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