Life & Spiritual Coaching & Counselling

A decade of my spiritual quest and yearning to grow and discover my life purpose gave me the opportunity to meet and learn from different sects of awakened masters. There was something amiss in most of the events, workshops, or readings; Personal connection. Nobody really cares or has time to invest in your growth. How many pennies do you really have to spend to ask for a coach to be genuinely invested in you?
I became a Life and Spiritual coach to dim that difference where it ends with one session or reading. My goal is to empower lives and hold the torch until the person is ready to hold it for themselves. I want to go beyond and more to bring the information that benefits all beings.

Life is a beautiful venture, full of roses, dances, and diamonds.

I don’t teach textual law of attraction, rather how to vibrate attraction

I don’t teach abundance and prosperity, rather how to be abundant and prosperous

I don’t do marriage counselling, rather how to radiate unity and love

I strive to bring awareness, that will help you shatter your chains and rise higher

I strive to bring confidence, that makes you fall in love with your own self

I strive to bring joy, that fills your soul

I strive to question your beliefs, that are self-limiting and holding you back

Every counselling sessions with me is a walk towards Freedom and Success & that’s my commitment to you and me!!


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